Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How secure is RelyPass?
    RelyPass encrypts and stores your data locally on your device using your main passphrase and AES 256-bit encryption (the same used by banks and the military). Only someone with access to your main passphrase can decrypt your data.

    If you choose to use the RelyPass cloud syncing and backup services (RelyPass Cloud), your encrypted data is passed securely to the RelyPass server and stored for syncing and backup purposes. Again, only someone with access to your main passphrase could decrypt your data even if they were to obtain it in encrypted format. The RelyPass Cloud does not store and cannot access or recover your main passphrase and it cannot decrypt your data. We don't want access to your data, we want to help you keep your data safe and secure.

    We use RelyPass ourselves, and we take pride in meeting very high data security standards. We don't think you'll find a more secure commercial application that offers the same convenient features and functionality.

    Please see the Terms of Use to read about limits to what data security and service guarantees we can offer due to factors beyond our control.

  • What is a Main Passphrase?
    Your Main Passphrase is like a password you must remember to access your encrypted data, but it can contain spaces and be a sequence or sentence of words with punctuation (e.g. a line from a song, poem, or book) that might be easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

    Generally, a longer main passphrase is more secure than a shorter one. Also, more complex passphrases are also more secure than less complex ones. Your main passphrase can have letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, and punctuation.

    Your Main PassPhrase is the only thing that you must remember to access all of the data that you've securely stored in RelyPass.  You can set an optional "Password Hint" when creating your Main Passphrase to help you remember it.

  • What happens if I forget my Main Passphrase?
    Without your main passphrase, your encrypted data cannot be decrypted!

    You must remember your Main Passphrase and if you forget it we cannot help you recover it or your encrypted data!

    RelyPass never uses or accesses your data, and we've created such a secure environment, even we don't know your PassPhrase! You are the only person who knows your PassPhrase.

    You can set a "Passphrase Hint" in RelyPass that is a phrase or word or code you can create that might help you remember your main passphrase. Make sure your hint is thoughtful and that it helps you remember your main passphrase while not allowing others to discover your main passphrase should they see your hint.

    Again, if you forget your Main PassPhrase, we can't help you recover it or your data (and we are proud that we can't!).

  • Why is RelyPass slightly less secure when I use fingerprint or facial recognition for startup access?
    If you use your fingerprint or face to open the RelyPass App on startup, instead of your entering your own passphrase manually, your main passphrase must be stored locally in an encrypted but recoverable way for the app to use it for decrypting and encrypting your data. This means that your local app can decrypt your stored main passphrase, which technically means that if a very skilled hacker were to compromise your app or device, they could potentially recover your main passphrase that is stored for biometric authentication.

    You must weigh the convenience of fingerprint and face recognition vs the additional risks involved in using biometric authentication methods for accessing your RelyPass app on startup.

  • Is RelyPass less secure when I use fingerprint or facial recognition for resuming the app?
    Though we do not store your passphrase locally on your device for this purpose, there are potential flaws and limitations with the security of fingerprint and facial recognition that could give someone else direct access to your data while the app remains running.

    We cannot control or vouch for the ultimate security of biometric authentication provided by your devices.

    We personally use fingerprint and facial recognition for resuming our app instances, but we also recommend closing the RelyPass App fully when you do not need access to your passwords.

    You must weigh the convenience vs the additional risks involved in using fingerprint or facial recognition for resuming use of the RelyPass app and services.

  • What happens if I lose or replace my device?
    If you have been using our Syncing and Backup Service, you can retrieve or synchronize your secure data that has been safely backed up to the RelyPass cloud. To do so, you simply install the RelyPass application and setup the Syncing and Backup Service with your email address and password and your encrypted data will be available for you.

    If you have not used our Syncing and Backup Service, then we cannot help you recover or synchronize your data that you keep securely in the RelyPass app.

  • What is the Syncing and Backup Service?
    Our affordable syncing and backup service stores a copy of your locally encrypted data on a remote server - enabling synchronization of your secure RelyPass data across your devices and recovery of your secure RelyPass data on a new or restored device if needed.

    RelyPass helps you encrypt and secure your passwords and other data for free, and the syncing and backup service allows you peace of mind knowing that your encrypted data is backed up in a way that only you can recover it when you want.

  • How can I sign up for the Syncing and Backup Service?
    You can sign up for the service via the app in
    Settings > Syncing and Cloud Backups.

  • Why is my email address required if I use RelyPass syncing and backup services?
    We identify you and your data by your email address. You can change this via the app, if needed, but you must provide an email address that you use, and which you can access, to receive app related messages (e.g. confirmation codes, etc.).

  • What support does RelyPass offer?
    Support for RelyPass is provided via our FAQ and Contact services. We do our best to provide a simple and easy to use service that meets your needs and we will update the RelyPass features and functionality as well as the FAQ and other information over time to help improve the service where needed.

    You understand and agree that we cannot help you recover your main passphrase if you forget it, nor can we help you recover any data you have deleted or overwritten. You must remember your own main passphrase in order to decrypt and recover your data and we encourage you to use a password hint or other method of securely keeping track of your main passphrase.

    We take pride in creating excellent products and providing outstanding customer support. We will do our best to support you, but we do not guarantee 24/7 support.