About Us

We're technologists who've built RelyPass for ourselves!

We've long been surprised by the various password services that are commercially available. Some are not very secure, some have been hacked, and some are far too complicated and expensive for our needs and budget. However, the bottom line is, we've been in too many tech companies ourselves to be comfortable trusting others with our most valuable data. So we built a system that secures user data in a way that it cannot be accessed without knowing a user's main passphrase. The good news is that we're comfortable using RelyPass ourselves and we find it very useful in our daily lives. The bad news is that we cannot help you recover your data if you forget your main passphrase!

Like you, we have passwords, usernames, credit cards, lock combinations, and other personal data that we want to store securely. RelyPass has made our critical data more secure and more convenient. We hope you also find RelyPass simple and easy to use and that it makes your lives better too.

We've got some new features and improvements planned for 2024 that we're excited to develop. Our goal is to make personal data security convenient and accessible for all.