• Apps available for mobile, tablet and
    desktop computers
  • Biometric access options (face and
    fingerprint recognition) on supported
    mobile devices.
  • Bank and military level encryption
  • Only you can access your data, we cannot help you
    recover it if youforget your "main pass phrase"
  • Your payment information (if required for an
    optional sync/backup plan) is collected directly and
    securely by a third party and never passes through
  • We respect your privacy!
  • We identify you only by your email address when needed
    (e.g. for a paid syncing/backup plan)
  • We do not share your personal information or data with any
    commercial third parties
  • We treat your data as we'd like ours to be treated
    (we use our own service!)
  • We cannot access your data, it is encrypted on your own devices
    with your "main pass phrase".
  • RelyPass iOS password manager is FREE!
  • Optional and affordable paid plans are available if you'd like your encrypted passwords synchronized across your devices and backed up to the RelyPass cloud servers for your easy secure recovery.
  • We build RelyPass to the highest industry standards and we use it ourselves as our iOS password manager
  • We have trouble trusting our important data to
    others and we built a tool that is safer and better
    than most
  • Our apps and services allow you to privately and
    safely store and manage your own encrypted data
    using advanced and reliable encryption techniques.
  • For an affordable annual subscription price, we will backup your secure data on our cloud server so you can retrieve your data if your device is broken, lost, or stolen, or if you use another device.
  • Additionally, with our subscription syncing service, if you use more than one device, we'll keep your secure data synchronized across your devices so you'll always have the latest data at your fingertips.
  • The first iOS version is for iphone and iPad. In the future we'll have Android. Then we may offer desktop computer versions (Windows & MacOS) if there is enough demand.

I use RelyPass all the time. It's simple, handy, and it just works! The Cloud Backup service gives me password confidence.


Jenni Liner

Busy Mother and Business Owner

RelyPass allows me to stop keeping my passwords on slips of paper I hide in a shoebox in my closet.


Sasha G.

High School Student - Age 15